Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

From the judges eye

From the judges eye
I am sure that most followers of dressage  , in whatever capacity,  will sympathise  with the following  scenario.
One takes part   in a competition or watches a  test   to be totally baffled  when the scores and results are made available, the first thing that comes to one’s mind  is  “Has the judge and me  been  watching   the same test?  Which one of us  needs an appointment with  “Spec Savers”.
After one of those days  that   the score sheet in   Junior  Trainer’s hand  seem to  be more relevant to Sally  the Shitland  performance  in a “ walk halt test “  then the actual entered  horse the   17hh stallion Caesar,  he  decided to  do some learning  about the intricate of judging.
Junior Trainer approached  the presiding  senior judge, who happened to  be the one eyed   Colonel Felix von Straten      ( rumours vary as to where and when    Colonel Felix von Straten  lost his left eye, some say it was in a private duel others  believe it was in the Crimean war  -the first on) but in any case  it  never prevented him from becoming a top well respected FEI judge.
Junior Trainer  inquired  with  Colonel Felix von Straten  what are the qualities required  to be a   good  respected judge,  how do you insure that the result you reach is the correct one?
Colonel Felix von Straten   answer was  “ a  keen eye  and a clear image of how the horse and rider  should perform,  You see son”  he continued  “a good judge is like a sharp shooter, he focuses all his senses  on the target in front of him ,  like aiming  through  a rifle’s sight , you close one eye and see the IMAGE AND ONLY THAT IMAGE  in front of you”.
Junior listened  intensely  and very politely  asked Colonel Felix von Straten  “Excuse me Sir  but in your case if you shut one eye doesn’t    it ,,,,,????”  Colonel Felix von Straten  interrupted before Junior had a chance to finish his sentence.
“Absolutely son  exactly ,  that’s when I get the perfect  IMAGE”