Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Gurgling and swishing

Gurgling and Swishing
Junior Trainer during the British Equestrian Federation  World class clinic used the opportunity and  consulted the present sport psychologist .
“  It is not me that I am asking about “ he said  “ It is my regular trainer Senior Trainer  which I am concerned about.
Over the years I have noticed  how he  is becoming  irritable   and impatient   during  training sessions , it is so obvious that I can see it building up during the lesson  until he is displaying obvious signs of  stress , is there anything I can and  should do   to help to alleviate his condition  ?”  Junior Trainer asked.
The sport  psychologist  thought for few moments consulted some notes  and then explained to Junior Trainer that this a very well documented scenario with  Senior Trainers  , in matter of fact  it is so common that the national health has a specially designated mental health unit specifically to deal with what is known  as    S,T,P,O,S (Senior Trainers pissed off  Syndrome).However the issue  is so complex that the sport psychologist  felt it is preferable that the  neuro linguistic programming (NLP)  expert  should be  consulted .
The NLP expert listened carefully to Junior describing  the situation , how over the years  Senior Trainer became more and more impatient  and  his body language showing distinct signs of  fatigue. How  at time Senior Trainer’s shows  withdrawal symptoms  from the  surrounding , completely mesmerised by his  I  phone , staring at it with a vacant look for the duration of the lesson.
The NLP expert asked  “You can see all this happening?”
“YES “   Junior Trainer continued  “ It all starts during  the  first 10  to 15   minutes of the lesson”
“I  know what you can do  the NLP expert said,  however strange  it may sound it will work  what I am going to suggest.
“In this hot weather  I would like you to have nearby you a bottle of  water  and as you  see Senior Trainer descending into one of his moods  ,raise  the bottle to your mouth take a swig  BUT DO NOT SWOLLOW ,  swish it in your mouth  gurgle it around  while you  are   riding ,  if necessary  repeat it several times”
Junior Trainer was  perplexed from the  advice  but was happy to give it a go  as no other alternative was offered.
Few month later  at the next BEF clinic  the  NLP expert  enquired wit Junior Trainer   as to the effectiveness  of his suggestion.
In Junior Trainers words  “UNBELIEVABLE !!!   I TAKE A SWIG FROM THE BOTTLE ,  I   SWISH AND GURGLE AND  Senior Trainer chills out,  his all demine  is of serenity and calmness, he repeats  all explanations  in a most patient  and relaxed manner  ,  just like years ago,   HOW COME SWISHING AND GURGLING HAS   SUCH EFFECT OVER HIM ? Junior  asked .
The NLP  expert  explained  “ The  SWISHING or the GURGLING  have no effect  ,  it is the fact that you can’t   Talk  and  GURGLE  at the same time that has the   EFFECT.
WHO   said  THAT  neuro linguistic programming (NLP)  is irrelevant to riding