Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Judgew selection

Judges Selection
The international Olympic  committee were at the last stage of selecting the dressage judges for the next Olympic games .
The IOC  representative  gathered   a group of senior FEI  judges  for a briefing   and selection  meeting.
The  topic  was the commitments  and dedication  that  judges should  have  in order to be selected    as  an FEI   Olympic judge , “It is  not all about  judging in exotic places staying in  5 star hotels , cocktail parties  and rubbing shoulders  with the who’s   who  of the world.   The    roll  of a dressage judge requires hard work,  learning , training, long hours   and   accountability”  and then  he turned to a  guy seated in the front  row  and asked   “YOU STILL WANT TO BE AN  OLYMPIC DRESSAGE JUDGE?”
“YES”  Was the reply
He gave the guy  a piercing look and   asked   “HONEST  ?  ”
“NO !!  JUST AN FEI   OLYMPIC  judge”  was the( honest) reply .
The meeting continued  with the IOC  rep pointing   to the  hopeful  judges that the  Olympic organization  rules and protocol  are even  stringier  then the FEI cod of practice  ,there is no room for bias,  discrepancies  or any other form   of irregularities  and he turned again to the guy  in the front row  “I assume  all these years you have been judging according to the FEI laid down standards and  ideals”
“Mostly”  was the answer
“Can  YOU recollect exactly   why and  when  it   was   that you did not follow the FEI  guide lines and rules  ?”  the IOC rep asked.
“Absolutely  most memorable  day  in  my life” was the guy’s reply
“HOW COME?” the  IOC  rep asked  in a bewildered  tone of voice .
“BECAUSE OUR TEAM   WON   on that day “ was the final reply .
(HE WAS FAST TRACKED   FOR THE ROLL OF OLYMPIC DRESSAGE JUDGE   on the grounds of why to change what was working for so many years)