Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Fifty shades of bay

Fifty shades of bay
At the first opportunity between classes   Dressage Diva  cornered  a   Dressage Judge   (a one  which in cricketing  terms   bats for the right team) explaining   the predicament  she is facing  .
She informed  the judge that it is matter of life  and  death  that she raises her dressage scores considerably ,  as  Dressage Husband  started to make   noises that  her dressage  achievements (scores)  do not match   his sacrifice  of “Total Dressage induced marital celibacy”   and unless she can present him with more then just a   consolation  rosette  awarded  to participants in   “ BD nearly halt (rising optional)” competition, her excuses for  not  fulfilling marital duties on the grounds of impending important   competition or training sessions with a Top Trainer , will cut no ice and  she will be forced to abdicate  her position  of Dressage Diva and  assume her original the less glamour's roll of Plump house wife   . 
Dressage Diva insinuated   (actually she was quite open about it  ) that  she is willing to take any necessary   actions what ever he may suggest to help raise her scores at the next competition he is judging.
The judge paused and then asked   “ anything?????”    
“what ever it takes”   was the reply .
“A  bit  unusual”  was the judge’s first responds .
“I will do that too,  how ever unusual , if you wish  “  was Dressage Diva’s responds to his responds.
“I am sure I can help you then  “  the judge   said and  continued.
“I can make my self “ Dressage  Diva  nodded .
“Good  “ the judge carried on  “For a little trip to Bedford”  words that  brought a little gesture  of  willingness   in Dressage Diva’s  body language  .
And then he added  that the well known judge Mr Clark is giving a special clinic titled  “THROUGH  THE JUDGES EYES---- HOW TO RAISE ONES SCORES  you will learn  a lot  if you attend”   were his last words