Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Thinking about sex

Senior Trainer  was woken up by the telephone  ringing , there is nothing  unusual  in being woken up by the telephone ringing  it happens  to him often  often , during a lesson, in the middle of dinner party  or a  watching   TV  only this time it was  at midnight  when he was in bed.
On the other side was  the  Dressage Diva , the one that bought the black stallion from him  . Since that unfortunate day  that she collected the stallion from his yard   Senior Trainer had little sleep or free time, he never thought that she would take him literally  when his parting words were  “ANY TIME YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM  YOU  GIVE ME A CALL  ” . Before he finished  saying it he realised what  a life changing mistake  it was .
“WHAT IS IT THIS TIME ?“  he asked , hoping  it is not another questions about the latest BD proposal to  restructure  the qualification criteria's    of the halt only (rising optional)  bronze level championship.
“Well” Dressage Diva  started   “for heaven sake woman get on with it “ Senior Trainer  thought to himself   “I am not British Airways  cabin staff I am not here to SERVE  any where any time even if I did bloody say so”
“Well” she  continued  “ That black stallion you sold me  ONLY THINKS ABOUT SEX   ,he has only one thing on his mind , it is Sally the Shetland  with rug with out rug wearing the new body hugger the Miasuki bodysuit, competing, training  or working in before a test , HE WILL NOT STOP  THINKING ABOUT SEX,  I tried every thing  ,Regumate     and regulate , no sex lotion, work hard potion but he still ONLY THINKS ABOUT SEX   ,is there any thing else  I can do?”
There was  a long silence on the other side  and then Senior  Trainer  said “ Have you tried calling him from your mobile phone  the moment he shows these inclinations?”
“WHAT !!! do you think a phone call will put him off sex ?”  The Dressage Diva sounded  surprised .
“Well madam  I know it HAS  THAT EFFECT OVER ME,  good night!!”