Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Costs of dressage

A Dressage Husband was  a little  confused , in the little free time he has  from the duties  of a Dressage Husband  every thing he touches  turns into money , a lot of money .
He puts money in the bank interest goes up, he buys a house  ,next day  property market booms, what ever he has the world needs,   how ever in his roll of Dressage Husband   he sees little return for his investments definitely  not a financial  one . 
He buys a £500k horse and its only good for munching hay , he pays for a Top  Trainer and he runs off with the first wife  ( prudently, current  wife   only trains with  Junior Trainer  we all know what he likes), he spends £ 4000 on a saddle to be told  the horse changed his shape. He  spends  £250k  on  horse box  ,  £100k  on a  specially  designed according to FEI specification arena  and more and more,  the list is endless.
After many years   as a   supporting  Dressage Husband  at last his wife presented him with  small  token of reward    for all these investments  , a tiny little one tier  purple rosette  given to the  unplaced participants  of the BD  walk halt (rising optional) local championship .
He held this cherished item in his hand turned to his wife  and said  “Darling realistically speaking this little rosette cost me  2 million five hundred thousand and 75 pounds “
His  Dressage  Wife  looked him straight in the eyes and replied  “ WELL    THEN  !!!   YOU    ARE  LUCKY  THEY GAVE ME ONLY ONE OF THEM”