Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Its my arse I fell on

Its my arse I fell on
A senior competitor  had the misfortune  to part company from his horse during a   FREE STYLE  competition , there he was flat on his back wailing like a staffed  pig  with his horse  performing a true freestyle without hindrance  of an old geriatric weight on his back.
The only problem to a scenario like this  was that non of these eventualities were covered  by the FEI rules.
The judges bewildered as to what was happening,   is this  a real incident or just a new interpretation  to   the   meaning   of “Free style” , is the wailing indication of pain or is it vocal  enhancement  to the instruments ?, the paramedics dare not entre the arena  in case they will be accused for  contravening the rules  by assisting a rider   during a test,  the whole show ground at total immobility (eat your heart out Anky).
Suddenly  from no where a well known  figure  of recognised rider entered  the arena , offered the  prostrated competitor a helping hand , stood him up, offered a cold drink  and very gently helped him off the arena.
Late the same evening  the Senior competitor approached the one that helped , thanked him and said that he is in his eternal debt  and is there any way he can repay that favour  this brave helper  should just ask.
“Now that you mentioned it”  the helping rider said  “you can support and vote for me in the election for riders representative  on the FEI  committee”
There  was a moment of silence , the  senior Competitor looked deeply in thoughts and then he said   “  I would love to oblige but it is my ARSE  I FELL ON NOT MY HEAD “