Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Lady Sucly and new competition system

Lady Sucly and the new competition structure
Lady suckly was delighted to hear about the proposed BD rule changes. She had become increasingly frustrated over the last years because neither of her £500,000 imported horses were producing good results  and her personal best plummeted to  at best  JUST   finishing a  test  still  in contact with the saddle , she was at her wits end. She had tried 34 different bits and 27 different saddles each with a combination of 18 different pads and numnahs but nothing had improved her scores. The horses received regular physio, Mactimony, Reiki and massage but nothing had made a difference, even the mystical scenar had not improved her percentages. In a final attempt lady suckly had consulted the forum about wearing the right clothing but after testing 109 different pairs of knickers and still only scoring an average of 61.32% she was ready to give the horses to the first one willing to take them, transport costs included.
The proposed rule changes had given her new hope  and she was busy making arrangements to buy Lavegro. The thought of being able to compete him in the walk halt test (with  rising optional), in her own  private  championship where the  qualifying  score is set according to ones achievable   regular  target  even if it is only staying on board,  She accepted that   dressage  Shouldn't be  just  about winning    but it would be nice once in a while  to  beat junior trainer on   bluey the cob,  the thoughts of all this  delighted her. Better still, she would be able to stay at that level forever. She phoned Marco de grabber her BEF mentor who advises  her on all matters equestrian and others. His  suggestion   that with ambitions like hers, she would need the best trainer possible  and recommended  a Senior Trainer  as the most suitable for the job.
The senior trainer listened patiently while lady suckly explained the situation and how her previous horses  and the BD  competition system had failed  her . 'So what can we do to ensure this will not be  the case with Lavegro?' she asked.
The senior trainer paused thoughtfully and said  “I can see that you have spent a lot of money , time and effort , you have tried almost everything to improve your scores,  YOU deserve  all   the successes  husband’s  money could buy ,    There is   only one last thing you could try !!!