Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

The Queen

The Queen
After many years  of being a  Junior Trainer   ,junior Trainer  was given the opportunity  he deserved   ,he was selected to be  one of the speakers at an important European  dressage convention .
True, he was  only the supporting act to the main speaker  Senior Trainer, but still  it was an important mile stone in his career , his role was to warm up the participants prior to Senior Trainer ‘s actual lesson, in front of   a  full hall he would put the candidates  through the warming up  and loosening  program  to insure that Senior Trainer will  be able to perform his usual magic  with  his pupils.
Although most of the  riders taking part in this convention  were already established experienced competitors   with a proven track record,  they all co operated with this unusual format  and assisted  Junior Trainer  by playing the game.
Every thing went according to plan until  entered  the hall an expensive looking Diva   mounted  on even more expensive  looking  horse  with the commentator announcing  that the next rider is Princess  Gertrude von Bilderberg.
Un phased or intimidated  from this high profile individual Junior Trainer  did what Senior Trainer  would have done , he got stuck    in delivering a top of the range warming up lesson. Unfortunately  somewhere along the line there was a breakdown of communication  and most of  Junior Trainer’s instructions were ignored  or modified  by   Princess  Gertrude von Bilderberg.
Junior would tell her  to ride simple line down the centre, she would execute an extended trot on the diagonal , her interpretation of gentle  low out line was in  Puffing  and Passaging  ,  and no horse deserved a break with out   first performing 50 one time changes .
Eventually Junior Trainer  had no option and he called  Princess  Gertrude von Bilderberg   in  and asked   in his most authoritatively  tone of voice “IS ANY THING WRONG WITH MY ENGLISH ?  AM I SO CONFUSING ?  I ask you to walk,  you canter, circle you go large  ,is it me or is it you , what's the  problem”
Princess  Gertrude von Bilderberg looked down  from the height of her horse   and in her best royal accent  replied  “  You  are Junior Trainer    I am   Princess  Gertrude von Bilderberg   and in any case  I dont do any thing that MEN tells me what to do  “
Junior paused for the briefest of moments and then,  in his most natural tone of voice , said   “ DARLINGGGgg  I don't know if you noticed  I out rank you ,    I am a  QUEEN  !!!! ,  so lets warm up     AS   I    SAY ”