Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Not always

A New   competitor   was working in for a CDI test,  by the side  of the arena  ready for  any eventuality   his “FAITH FULL “  groom ,weighed down by the  full  kit bag on his shoulder  of    may be needed equipment , assortments of bits , several kinds of reins,potions and lotions, two bottles of Red Bull and a can of Lucazade .
Wink   a nod   or a sarcastic comment   and “FAITH FULL” groom  will be tightening girth, swapping whips  ,offering this  removing that, at a time like that   the only thing  “FAITH FULL “ groom wished for was two more pairs of hands and longer legs so he can  run and  hop faster and higher .
The working in was going to plan and  the   New   competitor  did not look  completely  out of place in spite of the fact this was the first time he was taking part in a sport confined to  an enclosed arena and his posture in the saddle  looked as comfortable as a bum on a porcupine.
And then the FEI steward   approached  the  New competitor,   in a gentle polite tone of voice  he said    “Sorry   Sir the details on the passport in my hand don't seem to match the  description of horse  you are riding”,
From the side of the arena  muttering to himself    for  all  to hear  the “FAITH FULL “  groom could be heard  “I told HIM   , not  all FEI officials  belong to the 4% male  population which are colour blind” .  The  FEI steward  continued
“While we are at it   the marks on your horses rear  do not match any of the official photos in my guide line book of acceptable and un acceptable training residual markings ,could you please  enlighten me   as to what they represent  ?” 
The groom in the background heard again “Tried to explain  to HIM  that  the  dressage   term   driving from behind does not   imply   chasing the horse  with the 4x4 around the arena”.
At that moment  the new competitor  turned to his   Faith Full groom and in the loudest possible voice  “YOU ARE THE WORST, STUPID ,USELESS GROOM IN THE WORLD”  ,the groom , totally un moved from this unexpected attach, quietly muttered to himself for all to hear  “I don't think so SIR . That would be too much of a coincidence”.
The FEI  official some what taken back by this unusual employer employee  relationship turned towards the groom and asked  “Does he ALWAYS SPEAK TO YOU LIKE THIS?”
To which the reply was  “Not always only when he is HIGH on  AMPHETAMINE, CANNABIS and  ALCOHOL”