Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

No bottle opner

No bottle opner
From the video recently  released on   FB it is clear that  at the Olympic games  apart from the official sporting events   athletes has engage in  their own unofficial competitions  making good use of the Olympic village dormitories ,  being  competitive type of individuals even in maters  of between him and her, or him and him , or her and her  ,there is an under current  of competitiveness  in which  athletes has  to prove    who is better  then who  even in these matters .
During  the recent games the well known GP rider Marco de Graber  took a shine to an east European  female   decathlon   competitor , when he suggested that they should engage in some extracurricular  activity  not from the official schedule This fit  looking strong female  tiger questioned  a dressage rider’s  level of fitness, strength and stamina  to cope with  the needs of a purposely bred  east  European    amazon  .
Marco de Graber assured her that he is not  a GP rider for nothing and  the years of riding any thing that moves, the Constance use of his back and loins , the thrust of his pelvic  , the hardened nether parts of his body  will insure that she will not get   just any ride but a M&S  ride  not the Marks  &   Spencer one   but the Marko’s Special ride . Marco  suggested  she should  go to her room in the dormitories   , get ready while he pops to the 24/7  shop for few bottles of beer   to quash his thirst.
On his return  with 2  pack of bottles  one  in each hand, he opens the door with his left foot and there in front of him  in the middle of the room  the east European lady  , in a position  that only once in the history of man kind was officially documented,  in the Kama Sutra chapter 471  page 975 as “Venus  butterfly upside down”  in short the young sport woman was with out a stich to cover her body  standing on her head, both legs neatly folded behind her back while her lower parts now her upper parts  completely  exposed. Marco  de Graber just slightly out of his comfort zone  ,  from sight in front of him,   said  “Hold on lady   I did not mean for you to be that ready”
The  east European sport woman  reply was  “That's  nothing to do with being ready  it is just that in these  Olympic village  dormitories they supply every thing apart from bottle openers  and I thought you would want to have a beer first”