Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Cant treat a horse like this

Cant treat a horse like this
During the Geneva   world cup show    a  group of  show jumpers   went down town for a meal and few beers,  as it often happens  in these circumstances after few beers  the conversation   turned to  sex,  or the lack of it if you are married , latest conquests  and few indiscreet innuendos.
One of the guys  shouted  across the table  to his mate  “ DID YOU TRY  IT  WITH THE  LEATHER ROPES ?”
“Yes I did “     was   the reply   with a grin on his face.
The guy on his left  contributed  his bit  by informing every one that   he   loves the feel of the head down there , and then he continued  that the  trick is  in introducing it slowly  “  It  Makes the bum move better” he summed up.
The only female show jumper  among this group  raised her voice and said  “YOU GUYS ARE SICK YOU ALL NEED A RESTRAINING ORDER”,  with the obvious  expected responds from the boys   “Come and show us how to do it ,  we  will bring the hobbles  !!!!!”
ON the table  next to this rowdy group  were sitting  two middle aged  Swiss   ladies , prim and proper well dressed and  immaculately manicured   like only the   middle aged  Swiss can be. They could not  avoid hearing  the on going  next to them   and  from their body language  (important thing this body language when riding horses)  their displeasure  from the conversation,  was clear to every one.
When one  of the boys  suggested  that his last  ride was not just any ride  it was  an  M&S  ride   ( the Marks  and  Spencer  advert ) , one of the ladies  stood up approached the group and  in a very Swiss accent  addressed  them  “ Gentlemen  and you lady  too  ,I would like to inform you that in this country  it is no longer permitted to treat horses in this  abusive manner”