Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Join the Mafia

Gustav von  Beckerman   the well known FEI dressage judge had an un fulfilled  wish,  after years of services  to the FEI as a judge, committee  member ,  instigator and  implementer  of many of the FEI rules and policies , he wanted  to preside over the whole organization.
Although not a royal of any kind he believed that the experience he  brings from his day job   qualify him perfectly  for the position of  president of the FEI,    Gustav von  Beckerman    for many years was the chief  executive  for  the pharmaceutical  giant   Hotpfizer  specialising in the manufacturing and distributing   of  life enhancing drugs  like  Viagra  and Cialis.
In spite of his dedication to the FEI, the years that he gave to the federation as a judge , technical adviser or representative, when ever  it came for a vote  he was  always  defeated by somebody with lesser qualification but bluer blood,
It became a bugbear  with him  and  as older he became more keen he was to add this title “President  of  the FEI”  to his CV.
After the fourth defeat     Gustav von  Beckerman   approached  Mario  de Capriano  the local  MAFIA boss for some help , he  asked Mario  de Capriano    if he knows of any way that  he can be democratically elected to the position of  “President  of  the FEI”, de Capriano     smiled and said that obviously  there are means and ways (fool proof actually)   to insure that in the next elections ,  Gustav von  Beckerman   will be unanimously elected for the  position of   “President  of  the FEI”  how ever there is a BUT  , a big  BUT,.  “what is that ?”  asked  Gustav von  Beckerman   .
“WELL” replied  Mario  de Capriano      “The BUT is that in return for the Mafias  help   Gustav von  Beckerman     will have to become a fully pledged MAFIOSO  .
Gustav von  Beckerman     thought for a moment and then asked  “WHATS THE CATCH”