Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

In the year 2525 (sitting trot)

In the year 2525 (sitting trot)
The latest move of British Dressage to allow rising trot  in stead of Sitting  at elementary and now medium level  tests  must ring some alarm bells .
It  did with  an  Old trainer  that  woke up in a  middle of  a  lesson , he had a dream it was a night mare,  some thing had to be done.
He called an emergency  meeting , it was Christmas  eve but the matter was so important and every one had to attend , all the dressage elements,  movements and exercises were there.
In the front row sitting together were the old classical movements of  shoulder in,  half pass  and their immediate   relatives   of travers ,  renvers  and pirouettes in their different forms .
On the  second row together not in any particular order  were  many movements  with out such aristocratic pedigree   but still with recognized importance to the community like turn on the forehand , leg yield  and  a little stretching  of long and low, sitting by the bar was piaffe   full of his own importance now he got the double coefficient, very much to extended trot annoyance that could not stop flailing his legs around  every time he talked  about the unfairness of it.
There were few foreigners  like  Rassembler,   Ramener  and  effets d’ensemble, every one thought how pretentious they are   when our balance, collection and relaxation are just as effective with out the posh names.
On the door Levade , Courbette and Capriole were stopped    “sorry guys  you are persona non gratia  cant let you in by order of the FEI chief secretary” said the bouncer guarding  the entrance, “STUFF YOU” they all replied together “it is not our fault  present day riders cant sit a proper jump, it would have been a different story if our boss  Guerinier  was still in charge”.
They did allow  RK    in , on the condition that he was to stay at the back ,hand cuffed  and properly supervised by LDR.
One time changes  was indecisive he could not make his mind up where  to sit ? with the Classical lot or join the circus  crowd , at the end he jumped from side to side the whole meeting.
Just as  Old Trainer was about ready to start  “Halt and immobility”  entered  the room and came to a screeching  stop    “THANK GOD WE MADE IT   we never got the message  the postman did not recognize us we were so STILL” (they lived in Holland)  
Old  Trainer opened the meeting and  said  “  Glad you are all here , you know   I am ever so old  and probably will not be around for much longer, before I go  to join my mates Filis  ,Klimke  and the others, I have a message,  I want you to take note of what I have to say ,  IN LIGHT OF  BRITISH DRESSAGE COMMITTEE   interference with our old friend  Sitting Trot .  DON'T LET THE ISSUE EVER BE RESOLVED”.
There was silence ,  a long one , and then the hall erupted  all the dressage elements shouting  “ and this is what you called us for, on Christmas  eve, WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT THIS  SITTING TROT”
Old trainer  raised his hand and hushed them   “ I will tell you what is so important  with this   Sitting  Trot  , once BRITISH DRESSAGE resolve their problems with the Sitting Trot they will pick on another one of you  and another one of you until non of you are  LEFT”