Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

What the is the FEI

What  the  f,,,,,,  is the FEI
The annual  debate  at the Cambridge collage of applied philosophy  was nearly concluded  , there were 3 candidates  left to choose from  for  the £250.000 prize.
The topic  for this year debate was” inconsistencies  and double standard”   of large organizations    like governments ,commercial enterprises  etc. 
One by one  the candidates entered  a room  full of scholars , politicians  and other movers and shakers of  the world  , who will decide  which one of the candidates had the most convincing argument  demonstrating  the  ” inconsistencies  and double standard”  of those in power  , basically  in  a nut  shell  “who pulls the wool over whose eyes”    
The first contender chose to demonstrate  how the public is treated by one giant fast food company.  The company that claimed to serve the public with wholesome healthy product  but failing to mention how ammoniac  chemicals are regularly used  in their food production.
The subject and the presentation  were well received  with no challenge or counter arguments  from the panel   the candidate returned to the  room, where the other two were awaiting their turn ,  with a big smile  and a fist punching the air  “YEEEHAAA”
The next  chosen topic was  why  high tech  instruments  like cell phones  computers etc become obsolete the moment we purchase them.  Highlighting   the ploy  of  the big manufactures  to sell us a new and better product a minute after  we purchased what we  were made to believe  was already the better   and best  possible    product.
There  were few arguments from the panel  as regard to   on going  advancement  and business is  making money , but they all  agreed  that from the consumer’s perception  it was a valid and fair presentation.
When the   first  two contestants  heard what the last  contestant   topic is , they accepted the contest was over,   he  was an out right  winner   , his chosen subject was about  friends spying on friends ,  targeted killing from unmanned flying drones   and how dare you hack into our computers.
He gave a thrilling detailed  analysis  of  the complexity of  international relationships and summed up his presentation by saying        “ and the international body with the   MOST   inconsistencies  in its policies and  double standards in its relationships with other stake holders  ,  is  the UNITED STATES OF  AMERICA”.
Those waiting in the other room expected to hear great ovations  and cheers  but instead  all that was heard was some muffled voices , few short words and the last contestant  entered the waiting room all dejected and upset.
“How did it go?  did you blast them with your presentation?”  the other two asked him ,  to which he replied
“ What is the  FEI          AND   Who the hell is Trond  what's is name   ”