Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Modern coaching

Modern coaching techniques
A  friend of mine  mentioned they  have  just watched a senior trainer  working his long term student  of 35 years  before  the Pet Plan area   Festival test, it was an insight to a trainer  student relationship and how a good trainer can make these occasions  pleasant  and relaxing for the student.
The senior trainer  made every effort to defuse any tension and apprehension  from his student  and continuously  addressed her as dear , darling,  that was super   sweetheart  etc.
For my friend it was the  epitome  of what the  BEF   is aiming to achieve with  new  “ Equestrian Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme (EECAP)”    developing   the use of  modern coaching techniques  like    Flexible Communication Skills  adjusted  to individual learning styles. From the  student  reaction it was clear that  she  relished on this  personal  touch from her trainer  towards her riding,   it worked perfectly.
My friend was totally impressed from it all , to him it just proved that seniority  and experience equate instinctively  to modern ideas , the BEF  may give it a fancy name  like     “Managing Emotion and Conflict   or Personal impact and Influencing”  and remarket it as modern just discovered coaching techniques,  but   good coaches have these skills  in them, they always did,  that what made them Senior  Trainers.
This friend conveyed these  thoughts to the Senior  Trainer and  how he loved  “ old style “  in modern words.
The senior trainer replied  that he hasn't got a clue what he is on about,   he never heard of    World Class Programme Equestrian Elite Coaching Apprenticeship Programme (EECAP)  and  high performance Sensory Coaching,
and although he have been coaching this lady for 35 years,  about 20 years a go he forgot her name  and it was  easier to address her as Darling   or Sweetheart   then embarrass himself and ask for her name  after all these years .
The friend enquired  “couldn't  you  get her name from one of her cheques?”
Senior trainer replied  “ in 35 years she  never paid  even once  with a cheque

or cash  either ”