Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Women in combat fatigues

One of Seniors Trainers greatest pleasure of international competitions  is the opportunity it offers him  to visit and explore new places.
During the European  championship ST took some time off from the serious business of dressage to wonder off the show ground and explore the lovely small town of  Hernining.
Wondering around the back street of this typical Danish town  he came to a small antique shop selling  old traditional Danish artefacts'  .
Ferreting through  the back of the shop he came across  a bronze statuette  of a rat sitting on a bush  , he took the little sculpture to the shop assistant  and while he was paying the shop assistant asked him if he would like the old book that tells the story and history of this bronze  rat, ST declined the offer “ I  am not a book person  I just like   the feel and shape of this,  it is so life like”  he said.
With the statue in his hand he proceeded  to walk around the back streets of Hernining , few   hundred yards and he had the uncomfortable feeling he was  being followed, he stopped ,looked around  no person to be seen , he walked on and then the same feeling he is being followed,  this time he  noticed  there were few rats by his feet, he marched on  and the rats after him  by that time there were few more  following him , with their eyes glued to   the statuette of the bronze rat, he broke into a brisk trot with hundreds of these rats following in his foot steps, very disconcerting experience, by this time they were in thousands all brown and fairy, eyes on the bronze rat . Senior Trainer started to feel itchy and dirty  he approached the canal took last look at the bronze rat and flung it into the water as far  away as he could, AND ALL THESE THOUSANDS OF RATS jumped after  it into the water  never to be seen again.
Senior Trainer breathed a sigh of relief  and marched back to the antique shop  where he got the bronze rat  from. The shop assistant greeted him “I new you will be back for the book  it makes a fascinating reading “
To which Senior Trainer  replied “never mind the bloody book , do you have  another statute like this but of Danish  women dressed in combat fatigues lurking behind  the bush?”