Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

The scores are not up

One of the most frustrating things in a dressage competition for competitors and spectators alike are long delays in posting of the scores/results.
Competitors will put up with bad weather, they will forgive organizers for arenas that were not perfectly level and the crummiest of cuisine will be accepted, as long that by the time they finished putting their horse away their scores are on the board.
No human being wants to wait with a hard luck story it has to be shared, on Face Book, Twitter the lot , if you scored 54% it is a natural compulsion to seek sympathy from those that don't really care and if the unexpected happened and you are at the top of the class then you must stay by the score board so every one can put a face to the the result , it may be your once in a life time experience and must not be missed.
Experienced organizers do their utmost to display scores as soon as possible, they use modern technology for the scores to be up before a rider leaves the arena at some shows the scores are up for every one to see even before the competitor enters the arena, it create the excitement and atmosphere .
In order to insure that all shows run to the same high standard the FEI appointed few very experienced organizers to guide and advise organizers which are new to the game, during a show they will monitor advise and ensure that the new comers to the job stick to the FEI high standard and protocol.
At one of the first high profile Irish dressage shows the foreign rep was Don Clistano de Mirando from Spain ( the organizer of the sun during the sunshine tour) , Don Clistano was specifically chosen by the FEI AS THE FEELING WAS THAT THE CULTURAL GAP between Ireland and Spain will be smaller then for instance the different attitude towards dressage of a Prussian representative and the Irish fraternity .
Half way through the first day of this show Don Clistano realized that the show is very well run with up and above average facilities , it is true that on his arrival the day before when inquiring about next day proceedings the local organizer assured him in a typical Iocal manner “Not to worry about tomorrow today we worry about today and tomorrow we will worry about tomorrow”. And on show day at 8 am half hour before the first rider was due to start there was not a living soul around apart from an anxious FEI rep , to every ones credit by 8.25 am the arenas were up, decorations in place and a judge ready for the first competitor that was given special permission to unload his horse by the arena side as he was due to start in 5 minutes.
The show was running like a well oiled machine until Don Clistano noticed the group of irate people gathered by a blank score board . “The scores are not up yet” he told the local organizer, “I know I know” was the reply “what difference does it make they have ridden their tests “ he added
“How many runners do you have to collect the sheets” Don Clistano asked to which the reply was “only one and he isn't doing any running on best days let alone after last night celebration”
“Scores are important for competitors spectators and the show atmosphere ” Don Clistano explained “and where are the scorers to add them up?” he continued
“The guy from the village shop he is good with numbers as his till been broken for years and quick , he will be here during his break” the local organizer assured him “DONT YOU WORRY IT WILL BE OK”
By this time the crowd gathered by the blank score board sounded like a swarm of angry bees, buzzing moaning complaining there intentions were not dissimilar to a mob in a small town in the wild west when a horse thief was caught “ lynch the bugger”.
Eventually the sheets were collected by the organizer’s son using his granny's mobility scooter the adding done in no time by the shopkeeper that was used to make up prices according to who was paying, and every one retired to the local pub.
Don Clistano felt that as the FEI rep it was his duty to straighten few points with the local organizer making sure the next day will run with out hitches .
He called him over and said “we need a little change of attitude , we need to talk about tomorrow TODAY”
“WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR ATTITUDE” the local organizer asked “we got to the pub on time”
“Where am I going to start” the FEI rep thought loudly and then he had an idea “ You know in Spain we have the expression MANIANA do you have such an expression in your language? “
The local organizer thought for a moment and then replied “no, not a word that expresses so much URGENCY “