Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Judges discrepancies

Juges  discrepancies
Judges discrepancies, again and again this issue  raises his ugly head.
After every   competition,  competitors , trainers  and  spectators  are left bewildered how  a dressage test can be perceived by one judge (knowledgeable)  as the best  test in the class while another judge (just as knowledgeable  if not more) sees it as mediocre or less,  and awards it marks much lower then  the other judge. (or vice versa  the more knowledgeable one awards the higher marks)
The problem is exasperated when a very domineering  individual   is so much out  of tilt with the other judges that he alone has the influence over the final order of the class. 
In order to combat these issues  the FEI  contracted the well known statistician  David   Strickland  who methodically proved that by increasing  the number of judges by two , the influence of one judge will be reduced to an acceptable level.  This is now implemented and at championships  seven judges sit around the arena not five as was in the past. 
British Dressage as usual  improves on every thing that the FEI does, and in  the last judges sub committee  meeting,  the idea was debated  and supported by a majority that   in British  Dressage  Championships  one hundred judges would be employed  for each  class .
One committee  member  that un usually to him woke up in the middle of the meeting  and only got the tail end of the debate, he   interrupted the chair woman  and said   “do we really need to go to that extent  to insure that one judge will have no more influence then the other –cant we just train them better?”
“THAT NOT THE reason we proposing this” the chairman replied.
“So what the reason?” asked the committee member.
“THE  REASON  IS “ said the chair woman “ that with  one hundred judges  every competitor can have their own trainer sitting on the PANEL  some  even    have  both of them”