Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Women and trainers

One of the un explained mysteries of the world is the relationship between middle aged female dressage student and her dressage trainer.
It is a bizarre thing the effect which , long legs in over tight breeches, put on foreign accent, Rayburn sun glasses, permanently on mobile phone and a 21 year old body, have over the flow of hormones of the wanabee Ankies.
Scientist for generations tried to understand the phenomenon of; women care for their husbands love their horses and are totally devoted to their dressage trainer, the fact that every move of his body screams I love Edward only acts as a further aphrodisiac no need for fermions or other stimulants one look at the perky bum in one size to small Kentucky breeches, leather boots up to the knee and the menopause is all forgotten.
It is a known fact that many husbands pay for their wives to have a lesson before the weekend in the hope that the residual effect will last to Saturday morning.
A 21 year old, in tight tight breeches and cigarette in hand ,screaming at the top of his voice is considered a stimulating trainer, the same words delivered at the same place with English consideration by the OH can be construed as justified ground for divorce.
Junior trainer had his fair share of female admirers and he was well aware of the effect that a side view of his perky bum has over the 42s and upward females. He often wandered if the red faces and heavy breathing are due to him being over demanding during the lesson or because he was explaining feel and body posture.
These ladies will allow him to push prod and handle their bodies in the name of” better seat” into positions that if their husbands only suggested they will be considered beasts.
The only disgruntled student he ever had was one lady complaining that he haven't spent full hour on her posture .
At the end of one of his clinics a fit looking 43 year old blond with the faked tan nearly washed off by her pouring sweat, lowered herself so she could whisper in his ear and said “Junior can you come to my trailer I need your help I have a problem with my ITCHYPUSSY”
To which he replied “Sorry cant help I am a riding instructor I know nothing about Japanese cars.