Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.


Recently on the BD forum was a thread highlighting how difficult it is to find a trainer compatible   with students needs and style of learning.
Different people want a different style of teaching , there are those that admit that unless they receive a  regular kick up the but they fall into a useless mode  and other require the gentle touch of a feather duster when  confronted with  the truth in relation to  their riding capabilities,   hence  we have riding instructors  covering the whole spectrum of  information delivery  methods , from the one that shoots   instruction at you  like  an automatic machinegun,  600 correction a minute a quick pause for magazine change and repeat at twice the speed of sound,  to trainers that will convey all situation and all necessary instruction  with one  syllabus word  “AHHH  ”
The  roll of a dressage trainer is further complicated  due to the fact  that trainers are not only expected to posses  technical knowledge but required to have also entertaining and  personal charisma   in order to stimulate  and engage the new generation of aspiring dressage riders.
There is  a definite  contradiction between dressage and every thing else  around us , it is like moving from two different worlds every thing about dressage is time and patience, snail pace is the fastest pace, in the world of turbo charged horse boxes travelling  at zillion miles an hour from one side of Europe to  the other side , scores appearing on the internet before the judges actually giving them, secret cameras noting what colour ones tongue is in mega pixels, suddenly sitting on a natural leather saddle, having to employ   physical body contact with living thing, is completely alien to the new generation  of riders  that are used to switch on/off  every thing by a blink of the eye.
Unfortunately even with all the modern  (may be because of )  technology of learning aids, the  learning the processes of  mastering  dressage has not been shortened or made easier   , you can spend as long as you wish  on a horse simulator/stimulator , wear all the electronic vests with  many  flicking lights like a giant Christmas  tree and have all the classical  books streamed into your head from a mobile Kindle,you will still need to put  in  the  long     boring hours of sitting trot , no stirrups etc.
For a generation that every thing is measured by instantaneous  and   speed  the old fashion attitude   of older trainers that there is always tomorrow,   a  clash of personalities is very much on the agenda.
One very old trainer was at his wits end with a student suffering   from what is known in the industry  “popcorn brain”, every exercise could be learnt   faster  with an I pad while   riding, “lets move on and do the piaffe   straight on centreline is boring”
“But you need to acquire a better position  before you can do these movements” the old trainer  told this young person  to which his reply was  “ All this sitting trot with out stirrups puts my arse to sleep”