Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

CDI Scoring

Junior Trainer was taking part in his first ever CDI , the pressure and tension of taking part in such an important show caused havoc on his digestive system , he spend most of the day in the public toilets dealing with his unpredictable predicament, the dark smelly building turned into his sanctuary, he would lock himself in one of the cubicles avoiding the out side world only appearing for the shortest duration possible to exercise Bluey the cob prior to the dreadful inevitable public appearance.
To Juniors surprise the public loos in an FEI CDI are not as lonely isolated place as he expected, in matter of fact it was a most enlightening educational experience he ever had in his whole life.
Tucked away in the middle chamber he could hear every word of every person making use of the facilities. The connection between the male lower organ and his tongue is amazing , the longer the un identified gentlemen would spend relieving themselves the looser their tongue became, the comradeship formed between two strangers facing a wall with their breeches around their ankles is superior to any other form of friendship, they would delve secrets and information that they would dare not share even with the closest relatives, in these few moment of total preoccupation of relieving themselves, every thing to do with the dressage world was covered in minute details , with Junior Trainer lapping it all up .
At one point the two chambers on both sides of the one Junior was hiding in became occupied, the doors slammed shut and from the one on his left a voice spoke loudly obviously addressing the one on the right “Do you have the scores of those that already been can I see them please?, “ “Only if you give me the scores of those that are about to go this afternoon” the voice from the right replied.
By this time the hot air and the environment started to take effect over the texture of the atmosphere nearly suffocating those that were present , all Junior Trainer could say was “BLOODY HELL IT STINKS IN HERE”, The voice on the left said “Oh shut up and pass this sheet of paper to the right please”, Junior could not miss the detailed information written on the sheets of papers exchanged through the gap under the partitions, riders and horses names, telephone numbers and in bold letters percentages scores of every class and every rider at the show .
Few days later Junior took his judges training further and as all BD CANDIDATES JUDGES he volunteered to write for one of the top internationals judging at the CDI, it was a new experience fore Junior to sit in one of those wooden huts watching the test from ground level listening to one of the sports most knowledgeable judges. In admiration he followed this famous judge into the hut that was not used since last year wettest ever CDI ,as they entered the dark room they were greeted by a damp moist smell of rotting wood and left over lunch from the year before , Junior Trainer commented “BLOODY HELL IT STINKS IN HERE”, The judge on his left said “Oh shut up and pass this sheet of paper to me please”