Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Relationship with a horse or a working arangement

Junior Trainer got to the stage   THAT HE HAD TO MAKE A LIFE CHANGING DECISION  , a similar decision  to  the  decisions most men  have to make after dating the same girl for many years, it is the all important question do I buy a new dish washer  or do I make an honest woman of this girl , both options have a   for and against , a  purchased    dish washer  will not  hold it against you  if you forget  the anniversary of  the first day  you  met,   or give a toss   if you are  late home  after an office party , more likely the living breathing one will   not   give a toss  too  if you are late home after an office party .
Junior Trainer predicament was even more complex he had to make the  decision should he turn the commercial/professional   long term arrangement he had   concerning a   horse  , in  to a personal relationship, from the success they had   in  the dressage arena  over the years one would not have thought  a change was needed, Junior would  ride the horse  few times a week  while the daily care was taken by the horses owner, as the horse was an easy ride  fairly talented  and Junior   a  competent  rider the joint experience was on the whole a positive one for both of them, it was the carer/owner  that had to deal with the horses darker side, messy stable , chewed bandages, trashed rugs, astronomical livery fees and the occasional nip while being groomed  , hence the two different  nicknames the horse acquired,   “My Angel” from Junior and   “BB “  for B,,,y B,,,,h  from the carer/owner, not that Junior had a compelling wish    to return to the days of mucking out, smelly cloths   or dirty hands  but  He read on  BD forum the wonderful  experiences members claimed to have had with  personal relationships and started to have niggling thoughts about which way his life  is   heading , Juniors personal experience with a  personal relationships was a confused one , the only time he  was  about to  surrendered his freedom to graze and gaze  the Diva involved turned over night from a loving babe to  traffic warden “YOU AINT PARKING  YOUR MINI MINOR HERE MATE DEFINITELY NOT FOR £2.50 ”  she said after a night of passion  in the horsebox Luton (another Luton induced injury) .
As always when confronted with major  dilemmas he would turn to Senior Trainer  for advice.
“Is it wrong   to turn  a   professional  arrangement  to a personal  relationship? ” he  asked  Senior Trainer.
“What gender are we talking about” Senior trainer inquired,
“its a  MARE “ he replied
“As most of them can be  I  don't see any thing wrong with  a relationship” Senior Trainer  said