Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Judges training

High on the FEI priorities is the quality of dressage judging, in order to insure that judges have both the skill and knowledge to maintain the highest level of judging the FEI regularly run judges training days both for new and regular judges . In these training days all aspects of dressage judging are discussed, practical demonstrations are given with valuable comments from the most senior and experienced judges.
On every one of these courses at some time the leading judge in charge of this seminar will remind the attendants that it is “the duty of the judge to judge what he sees ” some how this remark makes me feel a little un comfortable with the idea of judging, is it possible to judge with ones eyes shut? what are they trying to tell us that some judges has developed a special sense in which they can choose a winner by sound or smell .
The aim of these courses is to insure that all judges have in depth knowledge of horses anatomy and the biomechanics of the equine in motion.
In one particular seminar with delegates from all over the world the subject of leg movers –vs- back movers came up, from the participants input it was clear that the terms “ back mover and leg movers “ had a different meaning to different people, eventually the lead judge summed up the discussion in a very clear concise message “THE CORRECTLY TRAINED HORSE IS A BACK MOVER NOT A LEG MOVER”
The tea boy , (they still have them in some countries) that was pushing a trolley full of refreshment among the delegates , was some what confused from all these people that can be as passionate about few jogging horses as JEHOVAH WITNESSES about bible bashing, he could not miss hearing the debate and commented to his mate “crazy lot of massage people, if the horse cant move his legs he cant move at all “
This guy was immediately offered the opportunity to be fast tracked as an FEI judge.
In order to emphasise his words the lead judge prepared a practical demonstration ,he presented to the crowd 2 horses for evaluation to determined the fundamental differences in the way of going ,
a beautiful black stallion and a lovely looking grey mare , all the judges had to act as if it was a real life situation and in as short as possible comment write on the score sheet about the difference between the two horses.
65% of the participants wrote the- “ colour”
22% wrote they could not hear because of the noise and the rest asked where is the tea boy.