Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Bill Gates on dressage

The above link allegedly claims to be a compilation of Bill Gates pearls of wisdoms for the younger Generation,
it does not take much of imagination to work out what would be his advice for British dressage members young and old, should he was invited to address the national convention and let us benefit from his experience and wisdom.
Not having to be politically correct or concerned if his pupil likes him or not (he does not needs the £1 pr participant ) he would say it as it is,I believe his opening sentence would be a revelations for some, he would start by telling us some thing that few dare to spell out that “ there is nothing fair in the sport of dressage, when ever you think you just cracked it, there will always be some one with a better horse then yours, or he/she more talented then you, if non of these they are sure to have a father much much wealthier then yours- get used to it nothing is fair , BEFORE IT BUGS YOU TO DEATH why you always come 2nd”.
No one cares about you or your test, least so if you won -it is only dressage after all, when THEY win it is as big as conquering mount Everest.
If you want to feel good make sure you actually accomplished some thing of benefit to others.
When you set out to be a professional (a day out of collage) remember no one is going to consider you as such until you proved you are one.
That super horse and £30k wage has to be earned.
If you think working pupil is hard wait until you work for yourself.
Riding cobs is not beneath any one , generations before you looked at it as an opportunity .
Riding a crap test is no ones fault but yourself, even if the weather was shit, a terrier spooked the horse and the caller fell a sleep.
When competing , remember that a dressage test is getting it right the first time ,
It is not in the judges interest to let you try again and again until EVENTUALLY you get it right- they get paid pr rider, not for how long or hard you spend trying .
Every one around you (specially your school) may have done away with winners and losers , but not British Dressage.
As regard to your self esteem , finding yourself etc. you paid your trainer to teach you dressage, the rest you will have to do on your own.
It took him long enough to learn dressage , there was not much time left to gain the other skills expected of him , of communication, human psychology, NLP and body awareness etc.
Also take on board that the trainer that makes you feel good is not always the one that delivers the goods, it is the one that says what you don't want to hear that you should listen to.
If you think he is tough wait until you go to a proper trainer, or if you think dressage is hard wait until you can actually ride.
Take it from me, at times British dressage judges can be confusing ,but not as half as confusing as the FEI ones, how ever it is not their fault that you have not worked it out how to do a square halt on a circle.
As regard to the mania hysteria about the Herpes , if every one had a proper anti virus protection ,you would not have been in this sh,,,,t
My last advice is, always be nice to strangers , you don't know who may be a dressage judge.
And before I log off a little advice to Mr Hester , You may be the best rider in the world but as a business man I can still teach you a thing or two , you should not sell Valegro instead take him on a world tour where he can be patted at a £1 a go , you will have your millions and the horse. the money is in the software not in the hardware.