Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.


They were all sitting around the table in the cafeteria during the Meyrscough premier league., it was clear that Senior Trainer was bothered by something, he was in a pensive mood not his usual happy self,
eventually he came out with it, “I got a text message from SCREW FIX every thing at discount also specials , since then the Mrs has been on to me accusing me that I am up to no good, she will not believe it is for a bit of DIY ,after 30 years of marriage the only little pleasure I get is a bit of DIY “
Top Competitor said “ this is nothing I think my wife is having an affair with the lorry mechanic' . 'I came home from the winter regionals and found a spanner under our bed and it wasn't mine I don't do DIY”. that's when another Top Trainer interrupted ' TYPICAL !! .Senior trainer nodded his head. 'Well, these things do happen with women. Junior trainer couldn't help but overhear the conversation of his elders and in a snivelling voice . 'Well you lot think you have problems .” I think my partner Trevor is having an fling with Bluey the cob “. They all looked horrified and asked JT where the idea that Trevor would be capable of committing such an act came from ,” surly not with a gelding”. “when I returned home the other night I found Plump lady in our bed” he replied!!!!!
Junior Trainer continued “I sent him an email informing him that I will be back a day earlier from teaching in the welsh hills, I did not believe my eyes when I entered the bedroom she was wearing nothing but a pair of Cavalino boots what a sight for a dressage rider”
The others assured him “ there must be a logical explanation it is not like Trevor we will find out what's going on”
“There is always a logical explanation “ top competitor continued “I thought my wife was having an affair when I found a naked man in our bed room closet , it turned out he was the moth exterminator when I asked where were his clothes he replied shit they are so quick these little blighters”
About 10 minutes later Top Competitor returned to the group shouting across the room “Nothing to worry it is a reasonable explanation why Trevor had plump lady in your bed”
“WHY ? WHAT? did Trevor say “ asked Junior Trainer”
“He said That He never got your email “ Top Competitor finished