Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Catholic horse

Paddy's old grey bog trotter was coming to the end of his use full life , at the age of 29 if he could speak it would have been worth listening to, he have seen it all.
Paddy was not going to subject his old pall to the distress of a slaughter house and he could not bare the thought of this lovely grey ending on some ones dinner table as beef Stroganoff or Shepherds pie .
The old grey was going to be put to sleep gently at home and be buried in his own paddock.
Paddy asked his best mate Murphy if he thought father Patrick will be willing to hold a special mass in honour of the grey horse , blessing the life and death of this wonderful friend.
Murphy thought it was a splendid idea and what an opportunity for a Public Relation exercise it will be for the church.
After all the recent negative news in the media about the miss conduct of high ranking church officials, of court cases in the Vatican ,child abuse everywhere, sexual harassment and gay clerics demonising single sex marriages etc. etc. etc.,
here is an opportunity to make amend ,a new Pope and a new start to prove to the world that there is room for every one in the folds of the church , horse lovers and their horses included.
Paddy approached father Patrick with the the request that a special service will be held for the good old grey horse, surprisingly he met with a totally un expected reaction, father Patrick was adamant that it is totally in appropriate for the catholic church to hold a mass for an animal “NOT IN MY PARISH “ he shouted “but down the road there is a Protestant church and they do allsorts of unnatural things, try them for a horsey mass” he added .
“One more question of advice” Paddy asked “ do you think £5000 is enough of a donation for this kind of service?”
Father Patrick replied quickly “YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME YOUR HORSE IS A CATHOLIC “