Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Buying a horse abroad

Lady Suckley was on her way to The land of Macbethor was it Hamlets country, to buy one of them Unix horses, every little detail was prepared and organized a well known local dealer that new a dealer that new a breeder was acting as her guide on this little excursion, they all were keen to help in finding her horse of a life time ,she looked forward to this shopping trip but faced not a small dilemma, what to wear on the occasion?, it was not the usual girly problem that can be solved with quick call to her best friend lady Livonia , this time it was a serious predicament with far reaching consequences if not given proper thought.
If she is to wear her expensive designer out fits, it will be clear to all how wealthy Lord Suckley is and with it the price tag of every horse presented to her will go up and up , on the other hand if she wore a ( borrowed) typical British horsey person cloths ,of dirty cords with an old Husky body warmer and green wellies , the Danish horse dealers will assume she is another typical time waster with no money for a decent horse and will only show her what even Findus refused to accept.
Lady Suckley turned for advice to the one that knows it all, Senior Trainer, at his age there are not many things he has not seen or heard of and if any body could help with this problem it will be him.
Senior Trainer listened to her carefully and then said “ let me answer your dilemma with a story”
A young girl is about to marry, she asked her mother what should she wear on her wedding night, her mother like all mothers replied “Put your long woollen night dress that goes all the way to the neck wear long socks and cover your head too”
The same question was put to the girls best friend but the answer was “ dress yourself in the shortest most sexiest see-through negligee with nothing else”
At that moment Lady Suckley interrupted Senior Trainer and asked “What does all this has to do with buying a horse in Denmark”
“I will tell you what it has to do with it “ he said “It does not matter what you are going to wear, with these horse dealers you are going to get screwed any way”