Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Time of austerity

The state of the economy  has filtered  also to the equestrian world  , as all businesses have  to adjust to new circumstances  by increasing  prices   or provide less services for the same prices , riding instructors are no different  and active measures must be taken in order to stay a float  in these times of austerity.
Senior Trainers actions to this problem is a price restructuring,
From now on students have the option  to book a lesson for; the old “standard fee”,
the “standard fee plus”,  or  the “standard fee plus special”. The differences in services provided  for each level of payment are  that  for the “standard fee plus”  Senior Trainer will actually speak and tell the student what is wrong with his riding, for the “standard fee plus special”  he will  also inform the student how to perform  better.
Most  of  the students that have been riding with Senior Trainer for many years opted  for the  first option the “ standard fee”  on the grounds that they are happy with the services they are familiar with. 
Another move that Senior Trainer  instigated is the actually checking of money given to him by the student, experience taught him that at time of shortness one can not be to careful.
At the end of one lesson Senior Trainer counted the pile of coins  of pounds pence and shillings  that was given to him  at the end of the lesson, after thorough count and recount he informed the student that the amount was short by £10. The student reply was “I know but last week when I over paid you by £10 you never said a word”
Senior trainer with out a hesitation answered  "Well, I don't mind an occasional mistake But when it gets to be a habit, I feel I have to call it to your attention."