Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Personal adviser

Taking part in the regional championship, in the capacity of a supporter/parent, high lighted to me how professionals the younger generation of riders are and what good use they make of all the modern training opportunities available to them.
In the old days one was lucky if he or she had a parent ,wife or girlfriend that could double as a groom and eyes on the ground, shouting informative comments while putting studs in your next horses shoes.
(many RF were still ridden in a field on grass, in those days one not only had to concentrate remembering the test but also the exact location of the many cow patches strewed around the arena, one little slip and you were practically in the shit.Today if the arenas leveller leaves one ripple of 1 centimetre out of place the arena is deemed as unsuitable for dressage).
Todays competitors are encouraged to make good use of the training, coaching and other supportive measures available , many of them funded and financed by BD or BEF through one of the programs like “Stars for the future” or similar.
The theme  often drummed into the younger generation is that in order to be successful a good home support team is essential .
One Dressage Diva took full advantage of this idea and arrived at the regional championship with all her home support team ,no one was left behind ,every seat of the double decker buss that brought them was occupied , they spilled out of the buss in droves like in a Benny Hill show , all wearing the red and blue team GB jackets and track suits .
Among them were nutritionist, horse nutritionist, fitness trainer, personal trainer, her sport psychologist with her normal psychologist ,as she saw herself a potential team prospect, included with the entourage were two high powered lawyers (to insure her intentions are taken seriously) experience taught us that in order to achieve team selection it is not always a special horse which is required but a handy hardy solicitor can be just as instrumental ,and one writer renowned for his cheque writing skills in other words known as DAD.
They all positioned themselves around the arena while she was warming up, each and every one bellowing instruction relevant to their individual expertise ,one will shout “DON'T BE TENSE” while the other instructed to “SHARPEN UP”
Among them was one guy with all the mannerism of a top trainer only he even used less words then then a top trainer in matter of fact he said nothing, until one of the BEF delegates commented “you are her dressage trainer say some thing she needs help”
The mature gentleman replied “wrong I am not her dressage trainer I AM HER SEXUAL ADVISER” the BEF coordinator nearly choked on the pen she was holding in her mouth and asked “OH OH OH OFFICIAL???? ”
“ABSOLUTELY” he said and continued “every time she rides, before I even say a word she tells me that if she wants any F,,,,,,,G advice she'll ask for it”