Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

A job with pleasure

After the unexpected attitude of the new recruit to the yard broom top competitor felt that he better have a talk with the new team member so both he and her can ensure that they are suited professionally to each other.
He summoned her to his office and asked her to detail her job expectations, short and long term goals , and how she sees her self fitting with the rest of the team.
The very assured young lady mentioned again her past experiences many qualifications and already well documented talent , she was the youngest ever to win the halt walk BD test at the Aberkengfig RC show mid Wales, She outlined, a position of responsibility and authority will indicate to all that her achievements are recognized , She believes that the job should offer her the opportunity to full fill her ambition and maximize her potential. A good salary ( minimum wage x 200%) is required as she has a car to run and 2 dogs and a budgie to care for and maintain up to date respectable appearance. For this she will give 101% as long that it is not on a Tuesday or Friday evening as it is important to have a life too.
Top competitor listened carefully and then he said “ I can see where you are coming from and where you are going to, you can start as my assistance rider , we will not risk you on the young horses, the cannon fodder can do that, you will ride my GP horses and the new stallion from the PSI sale under my personal daily supervision , you can compete regularly all expenses paid and when I am not able to supervise your training Carl Hester agreed to take you under his wing at my cost, as regard to stable work it imperative not to waste your talent or ruin the sensitivity of your hands with manual work, we will limit this to the essential minimum of mucking out 2 stables a day, same apply to cleaning your flat and room one of the junior WP will deal with that, all this plus £350 a week to ensure you are able to maintain a respectable presentable appearance at all time”.
The young recruit looked at Top Competitor and said “You are kidding aren't you”
“Yes I am” said Top Competitor “But you started it “ he continued
“I was not kidding” she replied in an irate tone of voice.
Top Competitor looked at her and said “if you can prove you are as half as good as you claim I will give you all this and the £350 with pleasure”
The new recruit tossed her head and said “WITH PLEASURE IT WILL HAVE TO BE £250 A WEEK EXTRA”