Flossy is well known to many on the British Dressage Forum as a teller of interesting stories and perhaps the odd joke or two. We have selected a few tales for your pleasure.

Ear phones

Ear phones
Senior trainer looked through the office window at the new recruit , there was some thing wrong, she was swaying from side to side with her head nodding back and fore in some obscure rhythm, and then he realized that under the head cosy she had ear phones in each ear wired to some apparatus in the top pocket of her jacket a smart phone or mp3 player which ever.
He managed to catch her eye pointed at the ears and signalled with the other hand the no sign,
The new recruit raised her left hand with the thumb up sign, she clearly understood the message.
Senior trainer returned to his paper work, few minutes later he again glanced out and noticed that the new recruit was rhythmically zig zaging across the yard with a lively skip from left to right.
Senior Trainer opened the window in spite of the weather and shouted at the happy zig zager “GET RID OF THESE EAR PHONES” her only reaction was to carry on moving away from him with the left hand up one finger pointing side ways bouncing gently to a rhythm and a totally vacant look on her face so common with those suffering from early signs teenagers stable work induced dementia.
Not many people can claim not to be able to hear Senior Trainer not even in normal speech, if and when the volume is raised many in the locality considered it as sound pollution and obtained court order restricting senior trainer from the use the full blast of his natural voice between the hours of 9 pm to 7 am .
Senior trainer added to his request an explanation to why he did not approve of ear phones during working hours, the safety hazard they impose, how they limit their user from focusing around the yard etc. etc. etc.
Still not a recognized reaction from the new recruit, by that time she added to the repertoire of movement a full twirl that in her case looked more like nelly the elephant in the circus then a prima ballerina at the royal ballet .
“WOULD SOME BODY TELL THIS GIRL TO GET RID OF THESE EAR THINGS” Senior Trainer bellowed at the top of his voice,
At that moment the new recruit turned, noticed Senior Trainer in the window put her hand in her pocket fumbled with the volume control of the mp3 player and asked Senior trainer politely “were you talking to me sir”
“YES I WAS “ he replied
“Oh sorry I did not hear a single thing you said sir I had my earphones on” she said