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Judges upgrading system

The issue of a judges qualifying system still rumbles along but it can be revealed that as from next year a new system will be implemented, the new system according to the judges committee was selected because it is the most objective and transparent of all the suggested options .
The details we have so far are as follows , any judge wishing to upgrade to a higher level will distribute an on line questioner among BD members , not unlike the survey we have all just taken part in, this questioner will have one question only which will be “Do you think the above named person should be allowed to up grade as a BD judge?” please tick your answer .
At the moment the JC are deliberating how many options of answers to allow , between only one which is “absolutely not”, to several possible answers “yes, no or try again next year “
The aspiring candidate will present the out come of this survey to the JC and those that will accumulate sufficient positive yes ticks will be allowed to upgrade as a BD judge.
In the first year of the new system the required qualifying percentage of “ yes “replies will be 0.3% , with time as all parties get familiar with the new system, the qualifying percentage will rise to 87% for straight up grade and 92% for fast tracking.
Apart from the obvious advantages to this system it will also solve some other current problems within our sport, it should absolve the office responsibility from having to deal with complaints about judges, if any will arise the office reply will be “you selected them you deal with them”
Some also believe that the new system will eliminate complaints by grass root riders in which they complain that judges don't award them with high enough marks. (personally I don't see why, obviously they understand the implication of this system better then simple minded me )